JST Successfully Develops OTTM Special Threaded Casing

Since the establishment of the dedicated pipe department, JST takes customers’ demands as the center, and develops new products according to the needs of individual customers. From May 8 to 10, 340# casing threading production line has successfully achieved mass production of OTTM special threaded casings of P110 steel grade and with the specifications of 323.9 mm × 12.4 mm. It is a special thread type in accordance with Russian Standard. The success marks that our company has stepped into a new stage on the development of new products.

JST 340# casing threading production line was officially put into production in 2009. Most of the threaded casing produced from this line belongs to API conventional type. However, OTTM special threaded casings (P110 steel grade, 323.9 mm × 12.4 mm) ordered in early May has Russian standard special thread. Customers require higher thread and various technical parameters, which increases the risk and production difficulty. Under the command of general manager Wu Xiaohong, the technical and production personnel make every effort to successfully complete all products production in this batch of order before the date of delivery. Our OTTM special threaded casings are highly appraised by customers for their high quality and production efficiency.